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Client story: a tasty box for Dekeyzer-Ossaer

The link between Soenen Golfkarton and meat processing family business Dekeyzer-Ossaer from Koekelare goes years back. When they introduced their Angusburger with Australian beef to the market, they came to us for a special packaging. “We opted for a digitally printed box that highlights the premium quality of the product”, confirms COO Stijn Dekeyzer.

What does Dekeyzer-Ossaer specialize in?

Stijn Dekeyzer: “About forty years ago, my parents Johan Dekeyzer and Marie-Rose Ossaer started a modest butchery in Beerst, close to Diksmuide. It systematically grew into a larger company: we made the switch from counter sales to wholesale and today produce about 300.000 meat portions per day. Of this, 70% is destined for commercial kitchens and catering, and 30% for industry and retail. The love for quality meat is deeply rooted in our company and in our family. My brothers Steven, Kevin and Kurt also joined the story of Dekeyzer-Ossaer.”

The parallels with Soenen Golfkarton are not far to be found! How did your collaboration come about?

“Since the very beginning, Soenen has been supplying food-safe boxes for the packaging of our fresh and frozen products. At first this was mainly about blank boxes. But in recent years we have also grown in the supply to cash-and-carry and retail, for which it is more important that the packaging looks attractive. For such applications, we prefer to opt for larger and beautifully printed boxes.”

As is also the case for the packaging of your Angusburgers?

“That’s right. Together with a Dutch company, we import beef from Thomas Foods from South-Australia. In Clare Valley they breed grain-fed cattle of the Black Angus-race, which is known for its superior meat quality. The Clare Valley Signature Beef Burger was specially developed for the European market. Such a top product requires equivalent packaging and therefore we consulted Soenen for an appropriate design.”

Soenen Golfkarton Client story Dekeyzer Ossaer 2

“Thanks to the high quality of digital printing,
the product comes out well.”

- Stijn Dekeyzer, COO at Dekeyzer-Ossaer

What parameters did the box have to meet?

“We freeze the burgers fresh, so first of all we needed a freeze-proof solution. Furthermore, the boxes had to be easily configurable on pallets of 80 by 120 centimeters and sturdy enough to persist overseas transport. Obviously, the visual aspect also played a role: it was top priority for us that the packaging reflects quality of the product in a representative way.”

How did Soenen Golfkarton fulfill your wishes?

“Based on our logistical requirements, the type and size of the box was immediately determined. The biggest challenge was in choosing the right printing technique. With flexo printing, the product image showed less sharpness and the tasty look of the burger was a bit lost. That’s why the sales team suggested digital printing, with eco-friendly inks, that made the colors of the image stand out. That was a more expensive option from a budgetary point of view, but it did give the desired effect and our customer certainly was willing to pay this for such a premium product.”

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