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full of possibilities
Choose any design
thanks to our digital printing press

Vibrant packaging without extra coatings? Yes, we can, thanks to our single-pass digital printing press. This eliminates the limitations of flexographic printing because cliché printing plates are no longer required. Moreover, we can print packaging with photos and fine graphics in extremely stable, bright colours. The inks used are food-safe, eco-friendly and deliver a result that can compete with offset quality. Looking for a custom design or maybe you need a quick change to your existing packaging design? Digital printing is the ideal solution!

Discover the possibilities
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The road to
your box


After a meeting with our sales representative, we will draw up the design of your box. Upon request, we can create a 3D render or produce a few prototypes. This will give you a realistic picture of the end result at a glance.

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The road to
your box


From all over the world, different kinds of paper are delivered to our warehouse. The massive bales are stored in our warehouse.

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The road to
your box


Your chosen paper is processed by our machines into corrugated cardboard sheets, with single or double flutes.

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The road to
your box


The corrugated cardboard is then automatically transferred to the processing department. There the cardboard sheet is printed, punched, glued and palletised. Three teams work around the clock on a shift basis to get the job done.

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The road to
your box


Our attention to quality naturally includes checks in our lab. We check the ECT values, perform Cobb tests and measure how much force a box can withstand on the compression bench.

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The road to
your box

Taking it up a notch

We store the finished products in our 34-metre-high warehouse. We constantly monitor the indoor temperature and humidity levels to safeguard the quality of our products.

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The road to
your box


In order to guarantee just-in-time deliveries, 25 of our own trailers leave our 43 loading bays three times a day. An RFID system ensures that the right load goes to the right customer.

Need customised packaging?

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