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Sustainable entrepreneurship
in every step of the production process

Sustainable business goes beyond our products. Although corrugated cardboard is a circular product in itself that can be reused endlessly and is therefore sustainable, we like to take our responsibility to make ecologically and socially sound decisions in all our business processes.

Soenen golfkarton

Recovery of residual paper

Paper is too valuable to be wasted. That is why we collect all the paper and cardboard waste generated by our processing machines and compress it into bales to be reused as raw materials.

Forest Stewardship

Soenen Golfkarton has held the FSC® quality mark since 2011. This is an internationally recognised certification which guarantees that the paper used originates from well-managed forests.

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bijen op het bedrijf

Gemiddeld verdwijnen in België jaarlijks meer dan 20% van de bijenkolonies. Het welzijn van de bestuivers is echter nauw verbonden met ons welzijn! Dit probleem beperkt zich niet tot het milieu, het heeft eveneens economische gevolgen.

Soenen Golfkarton investeert in de lokale en groene economie. Er werden twee bijenkasten geplaatst in de groenzone van het bedrijf. 100 000 werknemers erbij, als ook wat lekkere honing.

Solar panels

On the roof, no less than 20,944 solar panels were installed, generating a total of 4,000 kWp. This installation produces the equivalent of the annual consumption of 1,203 families. As such, the entire site runs on green energy.

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