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Conditions of sale

1. Our sales prices may be automatically revised by us in the following cases:

- Increase in raw material prices

- Parity change of the currency in which our commodities are quoted

- Increase in energy prices

- Replacement of missing raw materials with others, changes of purchasing sources for reasons beyond our control.

This list is not limiting.

2. All our deliveries are paid in cash, if no other written agreement exists.

3. All commitments made by our representatives only become valid after written confirmation from us.

4. The uniformity of color of our used printing inks as well as of our cardboard cannot be guaranteed.

5. Our delivery times are indicative. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by late delivery. Machine breakdown, lack of power or energy, strike, fire, flood, etc. are regarded as cases of force majeure. This list is not limiting.

6. The goods are sold ex works. The transport takes place under the buyer's responsibility, even if the goods were sold carriage paid at the place of destination.

7. All goods that cannot be delivered within certain periods, due to a cause depending on the buyer, will be stored at his risk. The storage costs will be 0.25 euros / pallet / day, from the first day of storage. Each commenced day will be charged in full. Furthermore, we reserve the right to place these goods in a warehouse at the expense of the buyer, after notification by registered letter, which has not been followed within 8 working days after its dispatch date.

8. The following tolerances, in plus or minus, on the ordered quantities are allowed: less than 500 pieces 50%, 500-999 pieces 30%, from 1000-4999 pieces 15%, more than 5000 pieces 10%. These quantities apply per format, per printing, per quality, per model, per processing and per delivery.

9. A tolerance of 3 mm, in plus or minus on any dimension is allowed. This tolerance remains permitted even after a model has been approved.

10. A tolerance of approx. 8% on the grammage of the originally intended components is allowed.

11. Due to the automation of our factory processes, it is technically impossible to avoid the production of a number of bad copies. A tolerance of maximum 1% per shipment is allowed.

12. All our works are carried out at the risk of the customer, who is solely responsible to us and to third parties, in case of prosecutions for counterfeiting of patented packaging.


A) plans, drawings, models, proofs, etc. that are not the subject of an order will be charged or returned according to our instructions.

B) the dies and stamps manufactured by us remain our property even if the customer has paid a part of the costs.

C) the participation in the costs assures the customer that these materials will be used exclusively for him and that until they are withdrawn from circulation for one reason or another.

D) the storage of these materials can only be guaranteed for 1 year after their last use.

E) the plans, drawings, proofs, films, models, etc. belonging to our customers, remain in our premises at their own risk.

14. Any complaint regarding a shipment must be made within 8 days of the date stated on the waybill or consignment note. In case of poor delivery, our responsibility is limited to a replacement within our normal delivery times of the part of the shipment that is the subject of the complaint. Whatever the consequences of the incorrect delivery, it will never give rise to a claim for compensation.

15. If a shipment has to be returned, we can only accept it if the original pallet labels are present. This is a must in succession as well as in the context of BRC.

16. This invoice is payable in Hooglede. In the event of full or partial non-payment of the debt on the due date, the invoice amount will be increased by operation of law and without notice of default with an interest of 12% per year from this due date. In the absence of a specific due date, this is deemed to coincide with the invoice date. In the event of full or partial non-payment of the debt on the due date without serious reasons, the debt balance will be increased by 12% with a minimum of €50 and a maximum of €2500, after a futile notice of default, even if grace periods are granted.

17. The seller retains title to all delivered goods, as long as the buyer has not fulfilled all his obligations towards him. This means that in the meantime the buyer does not have the right to sell these goods or to give them as a guarantee to third parties.

18. All disputes that may arise will fall under the jurisdiction of the court in Kortrijk.

19. We do not take into account the purchase conditions printed on letters or other documents from our customers. When placing an order, each buyer acknowledges having read and agreeing to our terms and conditions of sale.

20. The Belgian courts have jurisdiction. The applicable law is Belgian law. Only the courts of the seller's registered office have jurisdiction.

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