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Soenen Golfkarton Nieuws Lanklaar operationeel 2


The first corrugated cardboard rolled off the production line in Lanklaar!

At the end of 2021, we announced the news that we would be building a new cardboard factory in Lanklaar, Limburg. Since 1 March, the time has come: the first corrugated cardboard rolled off the production line in our brand new, hypermodern location. This expansion means new jobs, supply opportunities and benefits for you as a customer.

Our new production unit is one of the most modern in Europe, equipped with the most innovative cardboard and printing machines. In addition, the site offers space for warehouses, offices and training rooms for both technical and administrative staff. As a result, our company sees growth of at least double its capacity and we strengthen the quality of our services.

"Our new location in Lanklaar gives us the advantage of security of supply: we can now meet the demand of every customer with certainty, at any time", underlines Bénédicte Soenen. "We couldn't give that guarantee before because we simply didn't have the capacity for it. With a new building of 132,500 m², that should just work (laughs)."

“Thanks to a second location, we can maintain a continuous supply to every customer.”

- Bénédicte Soenen, Sales Director at Soenen Golfkarton
Soenen Golfkarton Nieuws Lanklaar operationeel 1

“It is true that everything produced in Hooglede can roll off the production line one on one in Lanklaar. Nevertheless, the new plant will mainly serve the region on the right side of the Antwerp-Brussels axis and plays an important role in our expansion towards the Netherlands and Germany," explains Eric Raedts, our Plant Manager in Lanklaar.

Now also available: fanfold

We are expanding not only geographically, but also in terms of supply and sustainability. We fully draw the card of environmentally friendly packaging with the introduction of endless or fanfold cardboard.

Bénédicte: "In Lanklaar we installed all the necessary machines to enable this sustainable solution for among other things e-commerce and industrial packaging. With fanfold you work completely tailored to any product. Special cutting machines process large sheets of corrugated cardboard in the desired width and length to reduce waste material and eliminate filling material."


"The production of fanfold is in the testing phase," confirms Eric. "Our first focus is conversion and the further development of the internal structure. After all, we are not only starting a factory with machines, but also an organization. With new systems, new flows and new teams. Employees who get on board now are therefore given a lot of responsibility and we give them the opportunity to help shape the organization."

“We start an organization from scratch. This requires the commitment and input of every employee.”

- Eric Raedts, Plant Manager at Soenen Golfkarton Lanklaar

Team leaders and technicians wanted

If you are up for a challenge, you can register with HR Manager Rita Bianchi. She is recruiting a lot of technical talent to make all eight processing units operational: "By mid-2023, the first 100 vacancies in Lanklaar must be filled in. We are looking for team leaders as well as technical operators and technicians with electrical or mechanical skills."

Eagerness to learn stands above a diploma or years of experience, Rita says: "The teams are composed on the basis of complementarity. Everyone with technical affinity is therefore welcome to come and get acquainted. It is truly an unique opportunity to start here: you get to work with the latest, high-tech machines and are trained by experts."

Are you or do you know a new addition to Soenen Golfkarton in Lanklaar? Spot the suitable vacancy on our job page!


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