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Soenen Golfkarton strives for sustainable entrepreneurship with Voka

We don't have to tell you anymore that we are strong in corrugated cardboard. But Soenen Golfkarton also has a lot of ambitions in terms of sustainability. We signed the letter of intent for the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, which provides a framework for translating our goals into practice.

At the end of June, Soenen Golfkarton received the letter of intent for the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO). This was the start signal for our company to make efforts within a number of international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To obtain the VCDO certificate, Soenen Golfkarton draws up a plan with targeted action points for 2023. "Among other things, optimizing our waste flows, dealing more consciously with ecological transport and raising awareness among our employees are a part of our SDGs," says Sales Director Bénédicte Soenen. "We plan to realize our goals with an in-house team that will help monitor the various points of attention. Our own sustainability warriors, as we can say. Hereby a warm appeal to those who want to take up the challenge: be sure to let us hear from you!"

"To achieve our goals, we appoint an in-house team of sustainability warriors."

- Bénédicte Soenen, Sales Director at Soenen Golfkarton
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Together with 38 West Flemish companies

In the global SDG ranking, the index that maps the performance of all countries in terms of SDGs, Belgium drops from place 5 to place 18 this year. So there is still work to be done, despite the fact that many companies in West Flanders, among others, already contribute to a sustainable economy. For example, Soenen Golfkarton received its declaration of intent together with 38 West Flemish participants and laureates in The Cube in Kortrijk.

Do you choose a sustainable partner for your packaging? Feel free to contact us for a collaboration.

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