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Personalized and ecologically printed boxes thanks to digital printing

Packaging in corrugated cardboard only traditionally printable? Think again! Soenen Golfkarton continuously invests in innovation and thus also in single-pass digital printing presses. These allow us to digitally print each box with eco-friendly inks, without compromising on quality. We love to tell you more about the benefits of digital printing.

Although the expression is “never judge a book by its cover”, when it comes to packaging, the looks of a box contribute a lot to the product experience. For companies that want to appeal to a specific target group, personalized packaging is a must today. Do you want packaging with a unique print? Digital printing lends itself to a flexible and sustainable option. The packaging design can be fully customized and can easily be changed afterwards. Adjusting a logo or adding your social media data between print runs becomes all possible.

Moreover, the quality of digital printing perfectly matches that of classic offset or flexo printing. The technology behind a single-pass digital printing press is so advanced that photos and graphics can be transferred in perfect detail and in extremely stable, bright colors on corrugated cardboard.

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“The limitations of flexo printing are largely eliminated: there’s no need for clichés.”

- Kristof Weedaeghe, Account manager at Soenen Golfkarton

Digital printing is the printing method of the future and eliminates the limitations of flexo printing. This technique requires clichés that are moistened with ink, as well as additional coatings to optimize the result. The digital method simplifies the process and makes it more cost-efficient. At Soenen Golfkarton you can have packaging digitally printed in both small quantities from 1.000 pieces and large quantities (60.000 pieces and more).

The advantages of digital printing on a row:

  • High quality printing that can compete with offset quality.
  • Packaging with photos and fine graphics in extremely stable, bright colors is possible.
  • The used inks are eco-friendly.
  • Personalization at the level of the individual box.
  • Quick design changes are no problem at all.
  • Thanks to the printing without contact, the chance of a washboard effect is zero.

Your packaging printed digitally? Ask you offer here and enjoy complete design freedom!


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