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Soenen Golfkarton Nieuw FSC keurmerk


The FSC quality label gets an update : this is what you need to know

FSC, the international quality mark for paper products made from raw materials from responsibly managed forests, has adjusted the standard regarding trademark use by certificate holders. Among other things, the MIX label gets a new description.

With the new standard, STD-FSC-50-001 v2-1, the explanatory phrase under MIX changes from ‘paper from responsible sources’ to ‘paper – supporting responsible forestry’. This to clarify what the label stands for: to mark products that are made out of a mix of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and/or wood controlled by FSC. The first formulation states that all these components represent responsible sources, while ‘supporting responsible forestry’ also recognizes materials that make a larger contribution to the FSC mission.


When will the new change take effect?

The new quality mark was published on 1 January 2022. FSC announced a transition period until 30 June 2024. Till then, both the old version (v2-0) and the new version (v2-1) are valid. Existing stocks of labelled products and promotional materials that have already been approved according to the previous FSC trademark standards, may therefore still be used and distributed for the next 2,5 years.

“Already approved products don’t need
changes as long as you use them during
the transition period.”

- Amoury Trybou, product developer at Soenen Golfkarton

Today, Soenen Golfkarton already provides all new projects with the updated label. Do you still have boxes with the old FSC quality mark that you want to use after 30 June 2024? Then you will have to have these labels adjusted. You can always contact us for a review of your ordered items, taking into account an additional cost.

More details about the adjusted FSC quality label, can be found


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