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New digital printing press for optimum design freedom

Single-pass digital printing press

Vibrant packaging without extra coatings? Yes, we can, thanks to our brand-new single-pass digital printing press. At the beginning of this year, we put our latest investment into use, which allows us to quickly respond to the most diverse printing requests.

“Our digital printing press

opens up a whole range of new

printing possibilities”

The advantages of digital printing

  • The limitations of flexographic printing are largely eliminated: cliché printing plates are no longer required.
  • High-quality printing that can compete with offset quality.
  • We can print packaging with photos and fine graphics in extremely stable, bright colours.
  • The inks used are food-safe and eco-friendly.
  • Individual boxes can be customised.
  • Quick design changes are no problem at all.
  • Thanks to contactless printing, there is no risk of a washboard effect.

Digital printing of your cardboard boxes?

Yes, we can! We offer digital printing for small (as of 1,000 pieces) and large print runs (60,000 pieces and more).
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