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Fanfold cardboard: your sustainable tailor-made packaging

Does your product range need a tailor-made packaging method? Fanfold or endless cardboard is the solution for players in the e-commerce or kitchen and furniture industries. On top of that, the continuous sheets of corrugated cardboard offer numerous advantages.


Fanfold or endless cardboard is an ideal packaging solution for suppliers with a varied product range. Thanks to its adaptability to different product sizes and shapes, the possibilities are endless. In this way, webshops can package every product sold in a suitable way. Fanfold cardboard is also a practical packaging solution for bulkier products, such as kitchens or furniture. The endless cardboard protects even the largest shapes and most diverse constructions.

Whether it's small gadgets, garments or larger items, fanfold cardboard is cut to size and provides optimal protection during various transport ways. Even when webshops, kitchen builders, furniture makers or other manufacturers have a specific strength in mind, the endless corrugated cardboard offers various possibilities. For example, it is possible to use a single or double flute.

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The endless cardboard from Soenen also guarantees numerous possibilities for personalisation. Company logos, brand colors or catchy messages can be added to the packaging pre-printed or by flexo printing, so that you radiate professionalism on the one hand, and promote brand recognition on the other.

Another advantage of fanfold cardboard that should not be underestimated is its environmental friendliness. Since fully automatic machines ensure maximum utilization of endless cardboard, we prevent unnecessary waste. In addition, the tailor-made packaging ensures a better use of space during transport. Optimised loads result in fewer trucks on the road and reduced CO2 emissions. Do you value efficiency and ecology? Then choose fanfold

Are you looking for packaging solutions for your diverse products? Soenen Golfkarton guides you towards your fanfold cardboard! Contact us for more information.


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