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The constructions in Lanklaar are progressing well: “Structural work almost complete”

With the construction of a new plant in Lanklaar, Soenen Golfkarton will soon be able to put one of the most modern cardboard factories in Europe to its name. Since the start of the works in October, the building with a total area of 113.000 square meters is rapidly taking shape.

“The structural work is as good as complete”, confirms project leader Matthias Gouwy. “The earthworks have been done, the foundations have started and most of the walls and frames are put up. Furthermore the machine builder has started the installation of our automatic paper warehouse. Among other things, the rails for the rolling bridge that will be integrated there, have already been installed.”

“The machine builder puts the first hand on the rolling bridge for our automatic paper warehouse.”

- Matthias Gouwy, projectleider bij Soenen Golfkarton

First boxes in November

Up next the contractor plans the pouring of the floors, the construction of the foundations for the processing and corrugated board machines and the constructions of the utilities. “The water pipes are connected to 4500 square meters of rainwater tanks so that we can reuse the collected rainwater as process water”, Matthias says. “In the long term, we will provide a water treatment plant to also make the reuse of waste water possible”.

Although the factory will not be running at full speed until 2023, production will start by the end of this year. “We expect all puzzle pieces to come together by November and that we will already be able to unpack with the first boxes made in Lanklaar.”

The new cardboard factory in Lanklaar is good for 250 jobs. That is why Soenen is looking for various technical profiles. Are you cut from the right cardboard? Then quickly check our jobsite!

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